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How I Earn $500 by Shopping Online ?

It is incredibly easy to earn cash back on almost every online order you place! You just have to know how to activate it.

In the last few years I have found myself doing more and more online shopping, and doing less in-store shopping. The convenience of being able to shop at home from my couch is a huge part of that. But also, I csavinan find way better deals and gs when I shop online! 

Earn Cash Back - How Ebates Works | Ebates

There is a magical way to save lots of money shopping online from home is through earning cash back. It’s so easy to earn cash back, and it’s totally free. Literally all it takes is one extra click and you could earn anywhere from 1-10% (or more when there are special deals going on) back on what you spent!

One of the best cash back websites is :

Ebates :

Ebates is a totally free website that offers you cash back whenever you shop at any of over 2,000 online stores! As a bonus for joining, Ebates is offering $10 in cash back on the first order over $25 you place with Ebates activated. If you’re going to be shopping online anyway, why not earn some of your money back?

How it Works?

Using Ebates to earn cash back is extremely easy. It’s free and safe with no strings attached. I’ve been using it for years! All you have to do is go to the Ebates website and click “Join Now.” It will have you sign up with Facebook, Google, or your email address.

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Ebates Cash Back Button

screenshot of ebates notification on walmart.com

The best way to use Ebates is to get the Ebates Cash Back button for your internet browser. That way, anytime you are shopping online, if the store offers cash back with Ebates, it will notify you right away, as pictured above! Then all you have to do is click “Activate X% Cash Back!” You need to stay in the same browser window or tab until you make the purchase to earn your cash back. Otherwise, you’ll need to reactivate. I tend to use many tabs when I’m online shopping, so I always need to remember to check that Ebates is still activated in the tab I check out in.

screenshot of ebates notification

Once Ebates cash back is activated, it will show this popup temporarily. Then as long as cash back is still activated, the yellow E icon will be outlined in green (as pictured). If the green outline goes away, you need to reactivate it for some reason before checking out to get your cash back.

Using Ebates without the Cash Back Button

If you’d rather not add the Ebates button to your browser, you can still earn! You just have to trust yourself to remember to activate it without the notifications the browser button gives you. Start by going to the Ebates website, and search for the online store you want to shop. If there is an offer available, click “Shop Now.” It will open a new tab, automatically activate Ebates cash back, and take you to the online store you chose. Again, just make sure you checkout on in the same tab or browser window you activated Ebates in. Otherwise you’ll need to activate Ebates again before checking out.

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